Collegial Bodies of the Bank

Collegial Bodies of the Bank

Loan Committee

The Committee, based on requests from loan committees of branches in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city, shall make decisions regarding the following: 

  • extension of loans in national currency to economic entities in the amount beyond the authority of loan committees of branches; extension of loans in foreign currency;
  •  issue of bank guarantees;
  • change in conditions of extended loans and bank guarantees;
  • preparation and submitting of issues that are beyond the authorities of the loan committee for consideration of the Board.

Investment Committee

The Committee, that is comprised of members of the Board and heads of leading offices of Ipoteka-Bank, makes decision on investment based on the approved investment policy.  In addition, it approves statements of financial position of companies, the bank has invested in, as well as reports on return of investment. 

Selection Commission on Purchase of Inventories and Services

Commission decides on the purchase of inventories and services necessary for the operation of Ipoteka-Bank and its branches. Commission considers the feasibility of Bank’s purchases on a competitive basis from several suppliers, according to the quality, price acceptability, delivery time and other parameters in order to optimize the expenses of the Bank.

Commission for determination of candidates fitness for positions included in bank's personnel nomenclature

Commission is a collegial body acting based on the approved procedure, it decides on hiring or promoting mid-level specialists and managers. The decision is made based on the personnel policy of the Bank and a number of qualification requirements, as well as the fitness for the position of bank employees.

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