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Hereby, JSCMB "Ipoteka-Bank" (hereinafter Bank) informs that in its activities it pays special attention to the social responsibility component of doing business.

According to the Bank's internal policies, the team maintains an atmosphere of cooperation, mutual respect and non-coercion. To support its employees and clients in the social sphere, the Bank adheres to such principles as:

· Exclusion of the manifestation of forced labor, the use of child labor, including when organizing cotton picking, in its activities and the activities of clients;

· Ensuring the functioning of an effective mechanism for dealing with complaints and feedback, both with the Bank's employees and with the Bank's customers, especially in terms of forced labor and cotton picking;

· Avoiding the practice of hiring local people to pick cotton, instead of both employees of the Bank itself and employees of the Bank's clients.

In case of identifying such "incidents" and/or experiencing such situations, please inform us immediately at the following telephone numbers (+99878 - 150-28-00 / 150-89-14 / 150-80-07), or by e-mail

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