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Settlement and cash services

Ipoteka-bank offers a number of services for the provision of settlement and cash services. You can open an account in our bank in different currencies and make cashless transactions through it. Implementation of settlement and cash services in our bank is reliable, fast and convenient, and modern software used by the bank ensures the speed and security of payment.

Providing comprehensive settlement services by Ipoteka Bank is an optimal solution for your daily business activities.


Settlement and cash services include:

- Opening and maintaining accounts in domestic and foreign currency;

- Conducting cashless payments in domestic and foreign currencies;

- Conversion operations;

- Transactions with cash;

- Operative receiving of the information on the accounts;

- Ability to manage an account using the "Internet banking" and "Mobil-banking" systems;

- Other services.


Opening and maintaining an account.

Ipoteka-Bank opens and maintains accounts for resident entrepreneurs and non-residents in the national currency, US dollars and Euros. The number of accounts opened is not limited, however, when opening the second and subsequent accounts, it is enough for the client to submit documents to the bank.

The process of opening an account takes no more than two business days from the date of submission of the full volume of documents. When opening an account, an employee of Ipoteka Bank may, at the request of the client, prepare copies of the documents required for the opening of the client's account and issue a card with a sample of signatures and seals.

To open an account, you need to submit documents to Ipoteka Bank in accordance with the organizational and legal form of your enterprise.

Transfers in domestic and foreign currencies

Ipoteka Bank provides services for small businesses to withdraw and receive funds in national and foreign currencies. The Bank has developed tariffs for settlement operations of small businesses. Transfers in the national currency are made by Ipoteka-Bank through the electronic settlement system of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which allows customers to execute payment orders on the same day.

Transfers in foreign currency are made through the network of correspondent accounts of Ipoteka Bank opened with major foreign banks, while Ipoteka Bank makes urgent transfers in US dollars, Euros and other foreign currencies on the day of current operations.

Transfer of funds of small businesses in national and foreign currency to their accounts is free of charge on the same day.