Bank Ipoteka-Bank attracted an international financial advisor to the EBRD on trade finance issues


Within the framework of the cooperation agreement concluded between Ipoteka-Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, at the invitation of Ipoteka-Bank, a senior consultant to the EBRD on the International Trade Facilitation Program Igor Rusin arrived in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Igor Yuryevich Rusin has 37 years of experience in international trade finance and corporate banking. Previously, I.Rusin’s consulting services were very popular in more than 70 banks in 20 countries of the world.

Currently, Mr. I. Rusin is a permanent adviser to Ipoteka-Bank on the provision of advisory services and support in the field of international trade and structured financing, guarantees, privileges of stand-by letters of credit, as well as in matters relating to risk management and technical operations.

International trade finance is especially important in the context of global economic development, it allows to modernize production, develop trade relations with counterparties, and produce new products without diverting working capital to these goals.

Today, operations and services of banks in trade and structured financing are one of the most effective ways of servicing clients' foreign economic activity.

Mortgage Bank offers the most advanced forms of documentary calculations and trade finance instruments based on international financial practice and in accordance with the legislative and regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

For more detailed information on conducting consultations on trade finance issues, all interested persons can contact the responsible employees of Ipoteka Bank at the number +998 71 2320654.

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