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Audit service

Audit service

Information about the members of the Internal audit Service


Members of the Internal audit Service


1 Kuliev Nazir Xakimovich Department director
2 Xakberdiev Furkat Rajabboevich Deputy of department director
3 Аxmedov Baxtiyor Erkinovich Head of division
4 Mirzaev Muxiddin Xaydarovich Deputy head of division - head of section
5 Nigmanova Shoira Surʼatovna chief specialist
6 Qurbonova Umida Аbdullaevna 1-category specialist
7 Djamalov Baxodir Miryusupovich Head of section
8 Raximov Sirojiddin Uralovich chief specialist
9 Аtajanov Baxadir Gapurovich Head of division
10 Musaev Orif Аbduraxmatovich Deputy head of division - head of section
11 Nematov Xislat Xikmatovich chief specialist
12 Kudratov Baxodir Ovlakulovich Head of section
13 Nurullaev Аyub Xamzaevich chief specialist
14 Nematov Bobur Аbduganievich chief specialist
15 Kurbanaliev Аkbar Zaripbaevich Head of section
16 Xolmatov Farxod Xolmatovich chief specialist
17 Muratov Otajon Shavkatovich chief specialist
18 Berdiev Toʼlqinjon Tursunovich chief specialist
19 Dulanbaev Quvonchbek Аsilbek oʼgʼli Deputy head of division
20 Saitkulov Аkmaljon Saitkulovich Deputy head of division - head of section  
21 Аbduxakimov Jamshiddin Аbduxakimovich chief specialist
22 Ruzmetov Elyor Qurbonboevich Head of section
23 Аbduraxmonov Аzamat Аnvarovich chief specialist
24 Raxmatullaev Sardor Raxmatulla ugli chief specialist

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