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Information for shareholders and investors

Information for shareholders and investors


Mortgage Bank has ratings of national and international rating agencies. The rating of the Mortgage Bank is one of the highest among Uzbek banks.

Moody’s Investors Service National currency deposit rating Foreign Currency Deposit Rating
Forecast Confirmation date
B1 B2 Stable March 15, 2019
& Poor’s
Long-term credit rating Short-term credit rating Forecast Confirmation date
BB- B Stable October 25, 2019
Fitch Ratings Foreign and Local Currency Long-Term Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs)
Viability Rating Forecast
Confirmation date
BB- b Stable July 19, 2019
Ahbor reyting National currency deposit rating Forecast Confirmation date
uzA+ Stable September 2019

A credit rating is an assessment of the payment or creditworthiness of the borrower and / or issuer in accordance with the established procedure for assessing the likelihood of the return of the funds provided. Ratings, as well as related research, help investors analyze the credit risks associated with investments in fixed-income securities, providing detailed information on the ability of issuers to meet their obligations. For issuers of fixed-income securities, the availability of a credit rating can provide higher liquidity of issued securities, as well as lower transaction costs.

Ratings are constantly monitored. This allows investors to continuously assess their investment risk.

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