Educational credit

Educational credit

Loan purpose
For payment of educational fee
Credit term
till 84 month

Credit type

Educational credit


 resident of Uzbekistan accepted (recommended) to study


 to payment for tuition on a contract basis for full-time bachelor's and master's degrees of all higher educational institutions which operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Maximum amount of credit

amount of annual contractual payment fee

Term of credit

 the main debt is repaid within 7 years from the 7th month after the end of the student's official period of study

Credit interest rate

at the established base rate of the CBU (currently 14%). With a decrease in the base rate of the Central Bank, the loan rate also decreases. But with an increase in the base rate of the Central Bank, the loan interest rate remains unchanged.


  guarantee of an individual, insurance policy, collateral for liquid property

Required documents

- Passport or ID card;

- Application;

- documents to ensure;

- contract agreement for study drawn up in accordance with the established procedure between the student and the university;



An individual who has reached the age of 18,

Who has regular income

Note: The full annual student loan amount is distributed and paid in four installments for the specified academic years..


Диққат: The actual amount and terms of the loan do not depend on the results of the calculation of the calculator.

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