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Bank online services

Balances and turnover on all accounts in real time

Payments to counterparties, to the budget and between your accounts in a couple of taps

Checking partners before starting work

Push notifications for monitoring and confirming transactions

The Internet banking service is an indispensable assistant in doing business!

Manage your finances freely around the world!

Ipoteka Bank offers the following advantages to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs:

Transfer of salaries to employee cards; Purchase and sale of foreign currency for legal entities; Getting information about the funds in the account and their turnover;

All you need is a computer or laptop connected to the Internet.

Convenience and accessibility:

Internet and mobile banking provide convenience and accessibility of the bank's services at any time and anywhere. This allows clients to carry out transactions, check the balance and manage their finances without visiting a physical bank branch.

Saving time:

Using the Internet and mobile banking allows you to save time that was previously required for trips to the bank or using ATMs. Clients can perform operations quickly and efficiently from the comfort of their home or office.


Internet and mobile banking provide a high level of security through the use of modern encryption technologies and multi-level authentication. This helps protect customers' financial data from unauthorized access.

Internet/Mobil bank

Send and receive payment documents 24/7 in our bank system Transfer money from your account to any bank account, make all kinds of payments Get information about funds in your account and their turnovers

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