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Established measures to further facilitate the allocation of loans by the bank to support small business and private entrepreneurship

On June 10, 2019, a press conference was held at the National Press Center of Uzbekistan on “Established measures to further facilitate the allocation of loans by the bank to support small business and private entrepreneurship”.

The conference was attended by responsible bank employees and the media. The event was opened with an introductory speech by Shakhnoza Alimova, the head of the Small business and retail services unit of “Ipoteka-Bank” JSCB.

The event highlighted the worthy merits of “Ipoteka-Bank” JSCB in the successive economic transformations carried out in our country.

Taking into account the role of small business in the economy of our Republic, “Ipoteka-Bank” JSCB organizes work on the basis of the principles of in-depth study of demographic, natural and economic conditions of the regions in the creation of micro-firms and small enterprises in this area, and their financing and the creation of appropriate structures, the implementation of works taking into account regional raw materials, human and natural resources in the financing of enterprises opened in rural areas, analysis of the level of market infrastructure in the regions and the relevant activities, which are the main condition for regular and long-term activities of small businesses.

The event also highlighted the achievement of high efficiency of a financial institution in financing activities that improve the economic efficiency of small businesses, taking into account the “environmental burden” in their financing, increasing the role of small businesses, establishing the production of products from local raw materials.

Speaking at the event, Ibrakhimjan Mamadjanov, Director of the Center for Coordination of Investment Activities and Project Management of the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Ipoteka-Bank”, gave detailed information to the participants about the role of foreign credit lines in financing small businesses by the bank.

The event also noted the jobs created by small businesses for the population and provided information that the bank, as a universal financial institution in the financial market of the Republic, effectively operates in other areas of the system, in particular, provides financial support to small businesses and private entrepreneurship, which is the center of economic reforms of the country and makes a worthy contribution to the development of the business climate in our country.

One of the priorities of the reforms carried out in our country is to ensure the interests of the person, their happy and prosperous life. In this regard, it should be noted that the creation of new jobs in cities, districts, outlying villages, the development of entrepreneurship of the population is important. Such global changes change people's outlook and strengthen confidence in the future. The event was held with great enthusiasm and was significant, and the information provided and the work carried out in the bank, aroused great interest among journalists.

The participants of the press conference answered the questions of the media representatives.


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