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"OTP Bank Nyrt" announces that the shareholders of JSCMB "Ipoteka-bank" have the right to demand the repurchase of their shares in JSCMB "Ipoteka-bank" and sell their shares in the authorized capital of JSCMB "Ipoteka-bank".

Posted by: 11 july, 2023

Dear Shareholders of JSCMB “Ipoteka-Bank”,

Considering that:

"OTP Bank Nyrt", has become the owner of more than 50 percent of shares of JSCMB “Ipoteka-bank”, and is obliged, by virtue of Article 40 of the Law “[o]n joint-stock companies and protection of stockholders' rights”, to make an offer to other shareholders to sell their shares at the market price,

"OTP Bank Nyrt”, with legal address in Budapest, Hungary, 1051 Nádor utca 16, being an owner of 73.71 percent of shares of JSCMB “Ipoteka-bank”, hereby makes an offer to the shareholders of JSCMB “Ipoteka-bank” to sell their shares in the company at 0.94 UZS per ordinary share and 4.02 UZS per preferred share, considering the market price formed by the results of trades on 10 July 2023 at the “Toshkent” Republican Stock Exchange.

If you agree to sell your shares at the indicated price, please send your written consent ("Application") to  in the form provided below within 30 calendar days of the date of this offer (i.e. before close of business on 10 August 2023).

Shareholders intending to sell their shares must complete and sign the Application and, in the case of shareholders who are legal entities, also affix their company stamp on it.

Completion of the sale-purchase agreement, transfer of the price for the purchase of shares, as well as crediting of shares to depository accounts will be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the rules of the “Toshkent” Republican Stock Exchange.

Each shareholder is solely responsible for obtaining timely approvals, consents and other actions required to sell their shares (including providing the investment intermediary with the required documents and information for debiting and crediting the shares) and for paying any commissions, charges and taxes, including the fees of an investment intermediary.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact us at the following address: 30 Shakhrisabz Street, Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan. Phone number: 78-150-89-74,

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