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The leadership of the Bank Ipoteka Bank conducts open dialogues and field receptions with businessmen and people in the field.

Posted by: 14 april, 2019

On-site receptions and meetings are held.

In our country, systematic measures are being taken to deepen reform and improve the stability of the banking system, strengthen public confidence in this system, expand the types and volume of banking services provided through the use of information and communication technologies. In particular, at present, the types of products and services offered to customers by the joint-stock commercial mortgage bank Ipoteka-Bank are expanding more and more. Also, on the basis of certain on-site activities, on-site receptions are held aimed at improving the financial literacy of the population and the bank’s customers, providing banking services consumers with high-quality and operational services, eliminating problems, and also conducting training sessions for the population.

In particular, on March 26 of the current year, in the process of an on-site reception conducted by the Ipoteka-Bank leadership in the building of the Rishtan district hokimiyat of the Fergana region, citizens addressed some problems, obstacles and issues they face in obtaining concessional loans for business development, including family entrepreneurship.

In order to provide quality services to clients, our bank is currently carrying out a lot of work, ”says Zafarjon Turgunov, head of the department at the head office of Ipoteka Bank. - However, until now the population of our country, living on the outskirts, is not sufficiently aware of the allocated loans, modern banking services, methods of managing deposits through a mobile application implemented by banks. Therefore, they face some problems. And during such meetings, we pay special attention to clarifying information about banking services. During today's on-site reception, citizens asked questions about retail trade, obtaining soft loans for family entrepreneurship, bank deposits, and plastic cards, and we gave our practical recommendations.

At an on-site reception conducted by the management of Ipoteka-Bank with the participation of entrepreneurs and the public, a number of problems were solved on the spot, and appeals requiring study, testing and time were taken under the control of bank specialists.

Also, after the on-site reception, managers and specialists of this bank with the participation of business entities and the public on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 23, 2018 number PP-3620 "On additional measures to improve the availability of banking services" in order to improve the financial stability of the population and entities entrepreneurship, the formation of knowledge, skills and approaches aimed at the ability to make rational decisions and improve the financial literacy of the population activity.

During the lesson, Alisher Abdullaev, the head of the department of the Fergana regional branch of JSCIB Ipoteka Bank, spoke about the types and conditions of bank deposits, the procedure and mechanisms for preferential loans based on the program “Every family is an entrepreneur.” In the past period of the current year, on the basis of the program “Every family is an entrepreneur”, the Fergana regional branch of Akib “Ipoteka Bank” allocated loans worth over 6 billion soums to the population living in the territory assigned to it.

The training session, conducted on the basis of a sincere, frank dialogue between the population and the bank's customers, was positively received by the population and the participants of the meeting.