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This document is a Request for Information (RFI) regarding vendor capabilities to provide hardware for Ipoteka Bank.

The Bank is seeking quick, high-level assessment for the availability, delivery time, and costs.

Purpose of this RFI is to give our Bank a clear overview of our current position and to give us the basis for future procurement decisions.



Ipoteka Bank is currently in the process of Acquisition by OTP Group which is a Hungary-based international banking group. As the part of the project aiming at stabilizing operations of Ipoteka Bank, a procurement is initiated to order Hardware equipment and set it up on Ipoteka’s premises in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. To assure the best understanding of the market, we are aiming at issuing a Request for Information (RFI), which is a non-binding offer provided by potential vendors and bidders. Depending on the results of RFI, a Request for Proposal can be issued at the next stages of the procurement process. We are looking for reliable partners that would be able to provide us with strong long-term cooperation.



Information About the Company

As the part of the offer, please provide us with the following details regarding your company:

·            Name of company, address of company

·            Contact information (Phone, E – mail)

·            Full name of the Head of manager

·            Copy of company’s registration certificate

·            Technical and commercial proposal containing a complete and detailed description of the proposed equipment.

·            Brief information about the company indicating the availability of the right to supply equipment on behalf of the manufacturer (authorization form)

·            Information about the availability of authorized service centers, warranty and post-warranty service)

·            Confidentiality declaration (signed and stamped).


Procurement Details

Infrastructure planning considerations:


-             30pcs EOL servers with various business critical workloads total compute power (based on the SpecIntRate2017 benchmark) 931 points, 428 Physical core, 1500GB Ram, various ESXi standalone servers

-             15pcs overloaded High Capacity virtualization Nodes (3 cluster, and five standalone nodes) without failure reserve capacity 3822 Points 4975GB Ram

-             Insufficient backup and archiving device and capacity

-             EOL and scattered storage devices without central manageability

-             insufficient high bandwidth DC network switches

-             two data rooms





Solution design:


-             To cover the EOL servers and extend the capacity of the overloaded virtualization Nodes, the necessary compute capacity is minimum 2205 Point and 3200GB Ram with the N+1 reserve

-             The Phase 1 infrastructure will be based on the 4th generation Intel Scalable CPUs and DDR5 rams and PCIe gen5 interconnects, to provide a solid foundation to the upcoming phases.

-             All compute hardware must be compatible with the latest VMware virtualization technology

-             All necessary virtualization and infrastructure management license must be configured (Hypervisor, Central Management, Onboard management and central lifecycle management)

-             The defragmented data will be migrated to a high availability All flash SAN storage, with dedicated 32Gbps FC SAN network

-             Need to establish the new Backup and Archiving capabilities with at least two media tier, Deduplication and compression enabled network target with spinning disks, and modern Tape library with sufficient cartridge capacity and backup speed for the backup window.




Device list:


-             2-2 32Gb FC SAN switch to the two data rooms (redundant SAN fabric)

-             2-2 10/25Gb DC Network switch to the two data rooms connected to the core network and each other

-             5pcs new compute node with 2545 Point compute resource and 5TB RAM, 4x 10/25Gbps NIC and 2x 32Gbps FC connection, Vmware Vsphere Ent. Plus + Vcenter Standard

-             300TB Capacity AllFlash Unified storage with 32Gbps SAN and 25Gbps NIC ports

-             300TB Capacity backup device

-             Tape Library with 120 cartridge slot and initial 3pcs of LTO9 HH FC Drives with 4320GB/Hour backup capacity (can be upgrade to 9 drives)



Conditions of implementation

The offer shall include references about:

a.       Term and condition of delivery (availability, timeline, costs).

b.      The proposal should include the description of warranty conditions.

c.       The proposal should include the clauses referring support and maintenance of the offered solution.

Response instructions

A response must be received by 12.06.2023.  All proposals should be sent to , (signed and stamped). Responses must be submitted complete.  All requests for information in Conditions of Implementation section of this document must be answered as concisely as possible while providing all information necessary to understand the proposed offer. Any deviations from the request, or conditions that cannot be satisfied by the vendor, should be clearly identified. For all questions and clarification feel free to contact appropriate contact person/s within the Bank.



The deadline for submitting proposals is May 12, 2023, 18:00 Tashkent time