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Dear businessmen, gentlemen!

  1. Mortgage Bank hereby invites you to participate in the tender for the supply of software "DLP".
  2. Mortgage Bank intends to purchase software (license) for 100 workstations at its own expense.
  1. Please submit your proposals in the prescribed form, with a cover letter, to the office of Ipoteka-Bank at the address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, st. Shahrisabz, 30
  2. Additional information can be obtained from the working group of the Competition Commission of the Special Directorate for Security and Information Protection of the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Ipoteka-Bank”.
  3. The deadline for receipt of your proposal, its changes and withdrawal by the Buyer at the address specified in paragraph 4. March 25, 2019, 18:00
  4. Your proposals should be submitted in accordance with the Contest Terms.

Terms of the Competition

This document determines the procedure and conditions for preparing, organizing and holding a tender for the supply of DLP software. An integral part of this document is the specification of software, for the supply of which is supposed to conclude a contract.

1. Place and deadline for submission of bids.

  • Bids must be sent to:
  • Republic of Uzbekistan, 100000, Tashkent, st. Shahrisabz 30, JSCB “Ipoteka-Bank”, Competition Commission.
  • The deadline for submission of bids is until 6:00 pm March 25, 2019.
  • A bid received after the deadline will be rejected and / or returned to the participant.

2. Offer period.

Your offer must be valid for 60 (sixty) calendar days, starting from the deadline for submitting an offer.

3. Bids

  • Bid should be sent to the address of the Competition Commission, with the name of the participant.
  • Количество экземпляров конкурсного предложения – 1 (один).
  • The Bid shall indicate: the addressee and the name of the Competition, the name and address of the participant, indicating the contact persons and phone numbers

4. The language of the bid.

The tender offer and all correspondence for this contest can be presented in the state (Uzbek) or Russian language.

5. The currency of the bid and the contract.

Prices for the proposed software should be in national currency.

6. The cost of the bid.

  • Prices must be offered on conditions - buyer's warehouse
  • Prices must include all taxes, fees and charges.

7. Registration of the competitive offer

The bid must contain:

  • The power of attorney is the original to the representative of the company / company for the right to sign and negotiate this competition, certified by the signature and seal of the applicant company
  • A copy of the representative's passport
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate (stamped by the organization)
  • Copy of wholesale license (stamped by the organization)
  • Documentary evidence that the Supplier Company has all the necessary powers of the manufacturer to supply this software in the country of the buyer (Authorization of the manufacturer).
  • Technical specification of the proposed software with a full technical description, indicating the manufacturer’s country, quantity, delivery terms, guarantees and prepayment amount signed by the Head of the organization and sealed, with an indication of the cost.

8. Change of competitive offers.

  • Changes and withdrawal of proposals may be in the meeting of the Competition Commission.
  • Changes must be made by re-submitting bids subject to the conditions
  • The bid cannot be withdrawn during the period - from the moment the bids are submitted until the winner is announced.

9. Terms of payment of the contract.

In national currency (s) according to the contract.

10. Software delivery terms.

Delivery time within 30 (thirty) calendar days.

11. Clarification of documents for bidding.

The participant may in writing contact the buyer (the organizer of the auction) with a question about clarification regarding the documents for the auction. The bidding organizer will respond in writing to any request no later than 1 day before the deadline for submission of bids.

12. Requirements for the supplied software and warranty

12.1. Purchased software must have warranty support for at least 24 months.

12.2. The term of the software warranty support starts from the day of signing the Installation Act and commissioning.

  • All software must be delivered to Uzbekistan in the manner prescribed by law.

13. Requirements for the Participant.

  • Authorization from the manufacturer of the supplied software.
  • The participant’s technical specialist must have a certificate from the software manufacturer.
  • The participant must have a certificate of partnership from the software manufacturer operating in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • The participant must be represented in the market of Uzbekistan as one of the leading companies in the field of software during the last 5 years;

14. The right of the buyer to accept or reject any or all bids.

The tender commission reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, as well as to terminate the tender process and refuse all bids at any time prior to awarding the contract, while not bearing any responsibility to the bidder or bidders affected due to its actions

15. The right of the buyer to choose part of the proposed assortments.

The buyer, at his discretion and submitted proposals, may choose an incomplete range of requested software, without at the same time bearing any responsibility to the bidders.

16. Short order of the competition and the evaluation system of proposals.

  • The competition commission reviews the availability of relevant documents in accordance with Clause 7., The competition committee will review the proposals received.
  • After studying the technical and commercial part of the proposal, which are recognized in essence to meet the technical specifications, they are evaluated by comparing their prices, taking into account the technical specifications of the proposed equipment.
  • The contract will be concluded with the firm (or firms), offering the best price / quality ratio and corresponding to the required level of technical and financial capabilities.