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Ipoteka-bank offers the most optimal and profitable solution for working capital replenishment - factoring operations for companies interested in accelerating the turnover of payers and receivables in order to avoid overdue interruptions in work in case of late payment for goods and services rendered.

Factoring creates the following opportunities for the client:

Access to financing in the amount of up to 90% of the amount specified in the documents confirming the delivery of the goods;

Access to unsecured loan;

Ensuring long-term replenishment of working capital;

Increase funding as sales increase;

Convenient planning of cash flows;

Effective control and management of receivables.

Factoring services are provided by Ipoteka-bank in the national currency - sums.

Factoring services in sums is up to 90 days without the right to extend the term.

After signing the agreement with the parties to the contract, the bank will transfer the funds to the main deposit account of the business entity, which will be kept in size, specified in the contract until the agreement, not exceeding 90 percent of the payment amount.

To conclude a contract, the customer-supplier shall provide the following documents:

Letter of consent of the debtor company to the factoring transaction;

A duly executed contract of sale, performance of work and services, signed by the supplier;

Documents confirming the provision of property, performance of work and services (invoices, copies of powers of attorney, acts of acceptance and delivery of works, etc.);

A copy of the payment request to the payer and a letter from the payer agreeing to accept the payment;

The balance sheet as of the last reporting date with a description of receivables and payables and reconciliation statements with the total amount of overdue receivables;

The profit and loss report;

The certificate of the availability of borrowed funds from other creditors and free funds in other banks;

List of accounts opened in other banks.

The purpose of factoring

To buy accounts receivables

Factoring amount

In the amount of accounts receivable

Factoring currency

Sum, US dollar

Factoring period

Up to 90 days


Not less than 5%


Not required

Additional requirements for the borrower

- State-registered enterprises in the Republic of Uzbekistan for more than two years;

- Availability of the main account of JSCB "Ipoteka Bank";

- Availability of positive annual financial statements;

- Absence of debt.

The opening price

- Statement;

- Business plan;

- Income statement;

- Contracts of sale, performance of works and rendering of services, executed in the prescribed manner and signed by the payer;

- Documents confirming the transfer of property, work performed and services rendered. (If necessary, the bank may require other documents)