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Trade Finance

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Treasury Services

As a major foreign bank in Uzbekistan, Ipoteka Bank provides a wide range of treasury operations based on international financial standards.

  • Money Market
    Bank engages in domestic and global money markets through the placement and attraction of interbank deposits in major freely convertible currencies and the local currency of Uzbekistan.

  • Forex
    Bank provides interbank foreign exchange market services encompassing FX operations. These services offered to both banking institutions and corporate clients. Leveraging modern technologies, Clients benefit from swift execution of foreign exchange transactions in major currencies (USD, EUR) and others like GBP, JPY, and RUB, with the potential for conversion into exotic currencies. Moreover, foreign exchange operations are facilitated under TOD, TOM, and SPOT conditions based on client needs and transaction amounts. As an added benefit, the Bank may furnish real-time market trend information, foreign exchange cross rates, and movement analysis upon client request.