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Leasing & nbsp; is a convenient form of business investment. With using leasing product, it is possible to purchase on an installment basis equipment, machinery or vehicles necessary to expand or modernize an existing business or open a new line of business.

We offer various leasing products from motor vehicles to real estate, from equipment to special equipment on more favorable terms. Leasing services are provided by all branches of the bank on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. & Nbsp;

Leasing has a number of advantages when choosing a financing option:

  • The leased object is accounted for on the balance sheet of the lessee and, therefore, the leased object is exempt from property tax;
  • It is possible to apply accelerated depreciation of the leased object;
  • Technological equipment imported into the Republic of Uzbekistan on leasing terms is exempt from payment of customs duties and VAT.

Basic requirements for borrowers:

  • A certain legal status of the lessee with the presence of the necessary registration, permits, etc. documents by the time the project starts financing.
  • Lessees can be legal entities with the status of a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan and commercial income from their activities.
  • The projected cash flow of the financed project and / or the available cash flow of the lessee must ensure timely and full payment of lease payments during the lease term.
  • Availability of mechanisms and / or clear plans to provide the financed project with other components (raw materials, working capital, qualified personnel, sales markets, etc.)