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Trade Finance

To expand trading operations


Leasing Services

  • Leasing provides a convenient method for Clients to receive financing. It enables the acquisition of essential assets such as equipment, machinery, and vehicles for expanding or modernizing existing operations or initiating new business lines through manageable installment payments. Ipoteka Bank offers a range of leasing products, including motor vehicles, real estate, equipment, and specialized machinery, with favorable terms. These leasing services are available at all branches of the bank across the country.

Leasing offers several advantages when considering financing options

  • The leased asset is recorded on the lessee’s balance sheet, making the leased asset exempt from property tax.

  • Accelerated depreciation of the leased object is possible, providing potential tax benefits.

  • Imported technological equipment under leasing terms benefits from exemptions from customs duties and VAT in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Leasing objects

- Trucks & Buses

- Heavy Machinery (construction & road construction equipment)

- Equipment & Technological lines

Leasing amount

Up to 75% of the value of the leased object 

Lease term

Up to 36 months

Starting fee

25 percent down payment must be made in cash 

Interest rate

In accordance with the Bank's interest policy


Not required

Leasing payments

In agreement with the client