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Our careness

1. We create all conditions so that employees of our bank can regularly go in for sports. Labor Union Committee of the bank organizes sports days and competitions between bank employees in such sports as football, volleyball, streetball, athletics, checkers, chess, table tennis on an ongoing basis.

2. Collective rest is an essential part of life of our employees. Trips to recreation areas and cultural and entertainment places give unforgettable impressions to our employees and motivate them to new achievements.

3. Psychological training is a very important factor in the formation of inner strength, which helps us to stay in good shape even in stressful situations. Tireless Labor Union Committee of our bank on an ongoing basis invites professional trainers and speakers of different directions, who help our employees to overcome life difficulties, as well as to show calmness in difficult situations.

4. The Management of our bank takes care of the health of its employees and provides them with due attention. Meetings and seminars with leading experts in the field of medicine are being organized regularly. And also, an in-depth medical examination is carried out, which allows to identify diseases at early stage and prevent serious consequences.

5. Each holiday is celebrated in our bank on a large scale with the participation of our own employees. Be it Independence Day, March 8, Defender of the Motherland Day or New Year. Our talented employees are preparing for all the holidays with special enthusiasm and become a part of the history of Ipoteka Bank.

6. The bank takes care not only of its employees, but also the flowers of life - the children of employees. Every year the bank provides vouchers to children's health camps, where children usefully spend their summer holidays and return with a lot of positive impressions.

7. Cooperative trips to various historical cities of our beautiful country, this is another reason to spend time with colleagues, capture this event and return to work with renewed vigor.

8. Employee health is number one priority for our bank. We have created all conditions to protect and promote the health of our employees by organizing COVID-19 vaccination events.