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Specialist of the national standards of regulatory reporting

Publication date: 25.08.2023


·          Higher education in finance and economics;

·          English and Russian as working languages;

·          Experience in a commercial bank (preferably in the field of accounting, management and financial reporting) for at least 2 years;

·          Basic accounting skills (knowledge of financial statements of commercial banks on banking supervision is welcomed);

·          Possession of professional skills in using Microsoft office programs (especially Excel);

·          Sociability, punctuality, diligence, purposefulness and the ability to work on yourself;



Regulatory Reporting Specialist:

1)            At the end of each month, prepare consolidated financial statements of JSCIB "Ipoteka-bank" in accordance with national financial reporting standards;

2)            Participate and contribute to the project of transformation of the bank's accounting in accordance with national and international financial reporting standards;

3)            Organize work with external auditors of JSCIB "Ipoteka-bank";

4)            Prepare reports for the Central Bank of Uzbekistan (CBU) and for the European Central Bank (ECB) based on the bank's balance sheet;

5)            Constantly improve your knowledge and skills in the field of regulatory reporting.

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